Media Advocacy Coalition statement on threats against Irakli Tabliashvili

The Media Advocacy Coalition denounces the threats towards Irakli Tabliashvili, Formula TV anchor. These threats represent a further attack on critical media.

Unknown Russian-speaking persons have been calling and threatening Mr. Tabliashvili from various phone numbers during the past few days. The reporter has already contacted the Ministry of Interior.

During the last few months, many journalists have faced violent attacks, robbery, or have been prevented from carrying out their duties. Recently, a co-founder and anchor of Formula TV station, Misha Mshvildadze, was assaulted.

In recent years, Georgia has been witnessing an alarming trend of critical journalists facing intimidation, discrediting, violence, political pressure, or legal harassment. The danger to Irakli Tabliashvili is yet another obvious attempt to silence his critical voice and frighten the journalist.

The Media Advocacy Coalition urges the Georgian authorities to investigate the threats against Irakli Tabliashvili right away and penalise the culprits to the fullest extent of the law. The government ought to take steps to safeguard Irakli Tabliashvili's security and ensure that of other reporters to enable them to carry out their jobs effectively.