Coalition reacts to attack on Mtavari Arkhi TV journalist and cameraman

The Media Advocacy Coalition categorically condemns the attack on the journalist and cameraman of Mtavari Arkhi TV while they were carrying out their professional duties. This is not the first time that journalists from critical media outlets have been subjected to violence or threats.


According to Mtavari Arkhi TV, their journalist Emma Gogokhia and cameraman were attacked in the village of Khaishi in the Mestia municipality. The attackers took their camera, microphone, transmitter and personal phone and verbally abused them.


The protection of freedom of expression is essential in a democratic society. Journalists play an important role in informing the public about current events in the country. Any attack on journalists is an attack on democracy itself. This violence is a clear attempt to intimidate and silence the media.


The Media Advocacy Coalition calls on the government to immediately investigate the facts of the attack on Emma Gogokhia and the cameraman and the illegal interference in their professional activities. The authorities must take all necessary steps to protect journalists and ensure that they can work safely and freely.